Is South Africa the right holiday destination for you?

Disclaimer:We have showcased only some of the unusual and common icons of South Africa with pictorial representation which may not necessarily be at the specific location as indicated on the map.This is done to give you an overview of some of the activities and experiences on offer.

South Africa is an amazing country.

It’s prime city Cape Town has been rated the “World’s best city” by London Newspaper Telegraph. Cape Town is one of the rare cities which has a table mountain and the sea, both!  Have a look at this for example:

Isn’t that something you would want to keep looking at?

Apart from this, South Africa has the world’s top national park called Kruger. You can actually take a safari and have a look at the lion, the leopard, the elephant, wild buffalo and the rhinoceros in the same park! In fact, this picture tells you how close to wildlife you can get in South Africa:

Oh, you can do a lot more. There’s a place called Gansbaai where you can actually dive with white water sharks! You get to go inside the sea in a cage where you can see the sharks from a finger’s distance. That’s “WOW”. :

Then there are places where you can stroll with penguins.:

Or tickle your taste buds with something as creative as this:

culinary delights of South Africa

Or cruise along in this mysterious pirate boat cum theater.

A pirate ship in Cape Town

Basically, South Africa is just awesome. We think it is a country which deserves to fill up your holiday.

Now the country is awesome, but how to decide what to see? And then where will you find Indian food, Indian caring and hospitality? What about the kids? Oh…or are you on your honeymoon….? 🙂

So, to solve that problem, we’ve built up lots of interesting customized tours at Namaste. Like we’ve got romantic tours that’ll take you through the  “ah!” romantic places in South Africa. Or we’ve got Safari tours – where you’re going to be dumb founded looking at the big five of the sea: whales, seals, dolphins, penguins and sharks on one hand and the big five of the wild: lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and wild buffaloes on the other. And we’ve even got simple tours which show you the “gems” from the whole of South Africa in a week.

So look through the tour. See what you like. And as soon as you find yourself saying – “Yes! This is cool!” – scroll down and call us. 🙂 We’ll not only book that tour for you, we’ll even ask you what more you want so that the tour becomes even better!

And if you don’t find what you want, you can still call us – because then you can tell us – “We want this, this and this…”…and we’ll arrange that for you.

OK, let us say it directly, we’re South Africa experts. 🙂

Gems of South Africa

South Africa in One Go!

Visit the major icons of South Africa in one go. Gems of South Africa takes you through the “World’s best city” Cape Town, the Kruger National Park where you could see the big 5 of wildlife, as well other attractions that should be in your “must-see” list whilst planning a holiday.

À La Carte

Choose Your Own Experience

You like the Las Vegas of Africa, let’s add it! You want a siesta at Cape Town’s beach, done. You want to have a lazy time wine tasting? Added. We’ll show you what all South Africa has, and you can add what you want.

City Magic

Spice Up Your Short City Stays

Travelling to South Africa on business or visiting friends and want to extend your stay in one of the big cities ? Why not plan day trips to nearby attractions? Whether you wish to visit Jo’burg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Capetown or Durban, City Magic adds Spice to your trip in terms of shopping, food and more during your short stay in South Africa.

Luxury and Fairy Tales

Indulge Without Boundaries

Travel on the most luxurious train in the whole world – Rovos Rail. Or stay in a castle and bask in the sun at a private beach. Plan a tour without strings – full of one of the most royal experiences on the planet. South Africa, has it all.

Themes and Interests

Pursue a Hobby When on Vacation

Whether it’s playing Golf, swimming with sharks or capturing images, this segment gives you choices from adventure to photography to sports. No matter what your passion, South Africa is the place to pursue it.


Explore Stunning Sceneries On Your Own

Whether it’s the Garden Route along the Cape with breathtaking sceneries and landscapes or the National Park of Hhluhuwe in KZN or even the various game reserves near Jo’burg, explore it all on your own by getting behind the wheel.

Off the Beaten Track

Winners Do Things Differently

Have you had enough of the stereotype holidays? Are you looking for something totally different and are willing to take back some interesting memories such as watching a 16 metre high pineapple in Bathurst or visiting a bar right in the middle of a Baobab tree or trying out horse therapy at Magaliesberg!

We will create the Off the Beat Experience for you.

Guaranteed Tours

A Great Mix of Budget and International Friends

Are you on a budget or do you enjoy back packing? Do you want to save on transport and stay and instead spend on activities and attractions? Do all this and and here’s a bonus – you get to travel with people from across the world! You may even make some friends for life.


Travel Beyond South Africa With AFrican EXtensions!

Africa has so many fascinating experiences to offer, that we’ve added the most interesting African packages we could find to Namaste South Africa. This means, now you can not only explore South Africa’s gems, but also those of the African continent at AFEX! Be surrounded by Rwanda’s famous gorillas, or be a witness to the largest animal migration on the earth at Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Or would you rather roam amidst the stunning lions of Masai Mara, Kenya?

Call us – and we’ll have an Africa Expert helping you plan your holiday. 🙂 Namaste.